Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mitzvah #1 - To Believe that Gcd exists

It's a Mitzvah to believe that Hashem exists and that He created all that exists and continues to supervise all of creation.

This is a fundamental belief of Judaism and one who doesn't believe this is not considered a full-fledged Jew.

This is one of the rare Mitzvoth for which one is required to give up ones life rather than transgress it.

This Mitzvah applies all the time to both males and females. One fulfills it every time one thinks about Hashem's existence.

Pasuk: "I am Hashem your Gcd"; the first of the 10 commandments.

Source: The Chafetz-Chaim's Sefer haMitzvot haKatzar; Positive Mitzvah 1

- Danny
 12 Tishrei 5770

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