Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mitzvah #123 - Precise counting, weighing and measuring

One is prohibited from being inaccurate when counting, weighing or measuring, when dealing with Jews or non-Jews.

If one transgressed, one has to make up the shortfall.

This is besides for the positive Mitzva of accuracy in counting, weighing and measuring.

Bet Din are required to appoint people to check the weights and measures of merchants, and to confiscate inaccurate ones.

Applies to everybody, always, everywhere

Verse: "Do not be dishonest in counting, weighing and measuring" (Vayikra 19:35)

Source: The Chafetz-Chaim's Sefer haMitzvot haKatzar; Prohibition 83

Wishing everybody a Pessach Kasher V'Same'ach

- Danny
Sunday, 13 Nissan 5770

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