Monday, April 26, 2010

Mitzvah #135 - Cooking meat with milk

One may not cook meat with milk - even of one does not intend to eat the mixture.

One who cooks an olive-size of meat and milk together deserves 39 lashes by Bet Din.

One may not use the mixture resulting from meat cooked with milk - even to feed one's animals.

Applies to meat from Kosher animals with milk from Kosher animals.

One may cook and use Kosher milk with meat from non-Kosher animals, or Kosher meat with milk from non-Kosher animals; though one may not eat the mixture (obviously).

Applies to everybody, always, everywhere

Verse: "Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk" (Shmot 23:19)

Source: The Chafetz-Chaim's Sefer haMitzvot haKatzar; Prohibition 91

- Danny
Monday, 12 Iyar 5770 - 27th day of the Omer

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