Monday, September 20, 2010

Mitzvah #235 - Deleting Mitzvot

It is forbidden to decide that a Mitzva is no longer applicable.

This applies to Mitzvot from the Written or the Oral law.

The Rabbis have permission to prevent people from doing a Mitzva under certain conditions, like forbidding to blow the Shofar on Shabbat to ensure that people will not transgress the Torah commandment of carrying in a public domain on Shabbat.

Applies to everybody, everywhere, always

Verse: "...and do not remove from them" (Devarim 13:1)

Source: The Chafetz-Chaim's Sefer haMitzvot haKatzar; Prohibition 160

- Danny

Monday, 12 Tishrei 5771

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