Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mitzvah #42 - Write your own Sefer Torah

All men have a Mitzva to write to their own Sefer Torah.

If he cannot write one himself, he can buy a Sefer Torah, or have a Sofer write one for him.

Even somebody who inherited a Sefer Torah, needs to write his own copy.

Nowadays (according to the Rosh) there is a Mitzva to buy a Chumash, Mishna and Talmud with commentaries, so that one can learn them.

Applies to males, everywhere, always.

Pasuk: "Write for yourselves this song" (Devarim 31:19)

Source: The Chafetz-Chaim's Sefer haMitzvot haKatzar; Positive Mitzvah 15

- Danny
Wednesday, 15 Kislev 5770


  1. Interesting to note that the date posted for this blog - 15 Kislev - is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, the one who compiled the Mishna, writing it down to prevent the Oral Torah from being forgotten.

    Also, it is the Rosh - Rabbeinu Asher - who says in relationship to the Mitzva of writing a Sefer Torah that it's a Mitzva to buy a Chumash, Mishna, & Talmud to learn from them, because the very first word of the Mishna (& Talmud) is Mei'eimosai which is the same Gematria as Rosh & Asher, which is 501. In relationship to this last point, the Midrash Talpiyot tells us that Asher Ben Yaakov stands at the entrance of Gehinnom, and saves those who know Mishnayos from entering.
    מאשר שמנה לחמו - שמנה אותיות נשמה

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  2. In relationship to my previous comment, this is the 42nd posting. And as we know, the Mitzva of Talmud Torah is hinted to where it says V'Shinantom L'Boneicha V'Dibarta Bam. The word Bam (in them) which is the Gematria of 42 consists of the letters that begin the words Bereishis - 1st word of Chumash & Mei'eimosai - 1st word of Mishnayos.

    In relationship of the number 42 with Mishnayos, it says in Sanhedrin 42a that the Milchamta shel Torah, the war of Torah can be found with one who has bundles of Mishna, and Zohar Bereishis 42b mentions the spiritual connection one has with Hashem for learning Mishna.